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      About the hydroflyer


      A cross between a hover-board, a jet-ski, and a surfboard, the Hydroflyer™ is the most advanced personal watercraft ever create

      With speed settings that range from mild to wild, and industry leading rider safety features, the Hydroflyer™ was designed for beginners and professional thrill-seekers alike.

      Riding time 120 min

      Top speed 45 KPH

      Patented Detachable Handlebars For Stability & Control

      Many first time e-foilers have a hard time learning to balance. Detachable handlebars allow for 4 points of contact instead of 2, making it safer, and easier to balance. This shortens the learning curve considerably. Even first timers with zero prior surfing/foiling experience can get up and enjoy it first go. Once you master the basics you can choose to keep the handlebars on, or detach to ride ́surf style ́.

      Patented Stabilized Board Design

      Unique V-shape catamaran style nose design slices through the water and reduces drag on touch downs. Minimized side to side rock makes it easier to balance for beginners. Less falls = more fun

      Rapid Connect System

      The Hydroflyer ́s rapid connect system is fully modular and interchangeable: This means you can change any part of your wing & board setup depending on your mood, the conditions and your skill level. The possibilities are endless!


      We offer full warranties on manufacturer faults but do not cover wear and tear from normal use or hitting debris. Oftentimes damage to board and/or hydrofoil is minor and can be easily repaired by your local ding repair specialist. We are more than happy to help you locate your nearest surfboard repair store and advise you on repairs needed. The inflatable board can be easily repaired using the included repair kit.

      Most of our riders get it within 5-15 minutes. The normal e-foiling learning curve depends on the rider, their fitness level, and their experience in other sports that require balance such as surfing and snowboarding. For a complete beginner who has never tried before, normal e-foiling usually takes a couple of days to a week to learn. However, due to our patented handlebars adding more points of contact, we have reduced that learning curve considerably. The longest we have seen being 30 minutes. Which is a huge reduction in the learning curve, especially for renters with time limits. Please see our video on how to use the Hydroflyer™ to help you reduce your learning curve.

      That depends on the rider's weight, the conditions, and the wing setup. However, several of our riders have topped speeds of over 45kmh. Believe us, that is very, very fast. After that things begin to get scary.

      That varies depending on rider weight, wing and conditions. We can say one charge lasts at least 90 mins and often more than 2 hours, provided there is no strain and drag putting extra strain on the battery.

      Yes, all our designs are modular, riders can use any of our wings and boards to fit together, giving you endless options.