Unleash Your Efoil Adventure with EVO Powerflight Batteries

Every adventure starts by customizing your board to your liking with the perfect combination of mast, wings, battery, and propulsion unit.

Experience the freedom of extended eFoil rides with the Waydoo Flyer EVO's Powerflight batteries. Designed to elevate your aquatic adventures to new heights, these cutting-edge batteries offer unparalleled performance, durability, and convenience. Let's delve into the details of the Powerflight 23 and Powerflight 18 batteries, exploring their features and capabilities for riders seeking the ultimate efoil experience.

Choose Your Adventure

Whether you prefer extended ride times for epic aquatic explorations or nimble maneuverability for dynamic maneuvers, the Waydoo Flyer EVO's Powerflight batteries have you covered. With the Powerflight 23 and Powerflight 18 options, riders can customize their efoil experience to suit their preferences and riding style. Prepare to elevate your efoil adventures with the unmatched power, performance, and reliability of Powerflight batteries.

Powerflight Battery 23

  • Capacity: With a capacity of 2300Wh and a size of 43.5*28.8*9.1CM, the Powerflight Battery 23 packs a punch, providing ample power for thrilling rides on the water.
  • Industry-First LCD Screen: Featuring an industry-first LCD screen, the Powerflight Battery 23 offers intuitive status display, allowing riders to monitor battery life and performance with ease.
  • Enhanced Ride Time: The Powerflight Battery 23 extends ride time for prolonged aquatic adventures, offering up to 135 minutes* of uninterrupted efoil excitement.

Powerflight Battery 18

  • Capacity: The Powerflight Battery 18 boasts a capacity of 1800Wh, providing reliable power for exhilarating efoil rides. With dimensions of 43.5*28.8*9.1CM, it offers a compact and streamlined design.
  • Reduced Weight: Designed for enhanced maneuverability, the Powerflight Battery 18 prioritizes reduced weight without compromising on performance. Its lighter build allows for agile turns and dynamic maneuvers on the water.
  • LCD Screen and IP68 Waterproofing: Like its counterpart, the Powerflight Battery 18 features an industry-first LCD screen for intuitive status display and IP68 waterproofing for added durability and reliability.

Optimized Performance and Safety Features

  • Durable Aluminum Alloy Shell: Both Powerflight batteries are encased in a durable aluminum alloy shell, providing protection against impacts and ensuring longevity in challenging riding conditions.
  • Efficient Thermal Management: Dynamic charging adjustments and efficient thermal management systems optimize performance and ensure safe operation, even in demanding environments.
  • Light Signal Transmission: Light signal transmission simplifies the connection process between the battery and the efoil, providing quick and reliable communication for seamless integration.
  • Safety and Longevity: Leak detection alerts, industry-leading safety protocols, and robust waterproofing ensure the safety and longevity of the Powerflight batteries, providing riders with peace of mind on the water.

*The maximum battery life and speed are influenced by various factors such as the riders weight, wing configuration, power setup, speed, wind and waves conditions, and rider habits


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