The three new Waydoo EVO boards

Every adventure starts by customizing your board to your liking with the perfect combination of mast, wings, battery, and propulsion unit.

Introducing an Exciting Evolution: From the singular One Plus board to a diverse selection of three distinct boards. Explore the expanded options and enhanced capabilities of the latest additions to our lineup.

EVO MASTER  Small  Carbon High Agility 75L
EVO PRO Medium EPP Medium Balance 90L
EVO MAX Big EPP Low Stability 130L



75L Full Carbon: Experience Unrivaled Agility and Performance

Size: 144*62*15CM


The 75L Full Carbon board is meticulously engineered for seasoned riders who demand precision and speed on the water. Crafted with lightweight yet durable materials, this board offers unparalleled responsiveness and maneuverability, allowing riders to push the limits of their eFoil experience. However, its smaller size may pose a challenge for beginners who are still mastering their balance and control.



90L Improved EPP: Strike the Perfect Balance

Size: 154*67*15CM


The 90L Improved EPP board combines stability with versatility, making it an ideal choice for riders of varying experience levels. With its enhanced design providing added buoyancy and control, this board offers a balanced ride that caters to both beginners and advanced riders. However, its medium size may not offer the same level of agility as the smaller 75L Full Carbon board, particularly for riders seeking high-speed performance.



130L EPP: Maximize Stability and Ease of Use

Size: 154*67*15CM


Designed with novice riders in mind, the 130L Beginners board offers maximum stability and ease of use. Its larger size provides a stable platform for learning the ropes of eFoil riding, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for beginners. However, the trade-off for this stability is reduced maneuverability and agility, which may limit the board's appeal for more experienced riders seeking dynamic performance on the water.


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